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Loving You (Korean Drama 2002)

Loving You (Korean Drama 2002)

Park Yong-ha (born 1977 – died 2010) as Lee hyeok
Yoo Jin as Jin Da-rae
Lee Yoo-ri as Jo Soo-kyeong
Lee Dong-wook as Lee Min

'Loving You' is a young love story set in Cheju Island. Da-rae is a strong girl who became the head of her family after her father's death and after her mother collapsed from a heart ailment. Feeling guilty after the death of a friend, Hyuk works as a laborer in an orange growing farm while concealing his identity as the heir of a Chaebol. Da-rae and Hyuk overcome all kinds of obstacles that lie in front of them but suffer a setback when they realize that they are from two totally different worlds. However, Da-rae is a girl who doesn't feel ashamed of her poor background as the daughter of a clamshell-diving worker, and feels she can confidently love the person who saved her despite his shabby appearance. Also, Hyuk proves to be a venturous young man who can boldly choose his life and search for his dream. Da-rae and Hyuk do not forget their feelings for each other during the storm that passes through their lives. These two people meet at sea during a storm and save each other. And the frame bar that Da-rae kept with her since that storm brings them together again. Da-rae realizes the fact that the person who rescued her one year ago is Hyuk and Hyuk realizes that the person who rescued him one year ago was Da-rae. Their love grows afterwards.

The sad part is Yong-ha committed suicide. He died at the age of 33. He is still too young for a man. I don’t know why so many Korean talents decided to killed themselves. Why can’t they just go on a vacation or something to release their stress?! If you guys watch Winter Sonata, he’s in it too. Remember him?!

I’ve search for this drama like ages ago. Finally, on 7th July 2011, I found it. It only has 12 episodes. It is among the shortest for a Korean drama.

The drama is about Da-rae saving Lee-hyeok form a sea storm and at the same time, her father is being killed. One year later they met again. Da-rae didn’t remember Hyeok. She only has the feeling of deja vu when she looks at him. Hyeok only have a vague memory of him being saved by someone. Lee-min is Hyeok stepbrother who also has some feelings towards Da-rae. Soo-kyeong is a gold-digger who’ll do anything to get at the top of the ladder. She even lied that she is the one who saved Hyeok from the sea when she don’t even know how to swim.

Da-rae and Hyeok relationship becomes more complicated when she suspected that Hyeok’s father is the one that order her father to be killed.

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