Friday, September 30, 2011

A Million Stars Falling From The Sky (Japanese Drama 2002)

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Dojima Kanzo - a cop

Dojima Yuko - Kanzo sister that was then then revealed to be adopted

Nishihara Miwa - heir to Nishihara Group, Yuko best friend

Katasa Ryo - a very mysterious chef apprentice

Miyashita Yuki - a mysterious woman, who is also Ryo’s girlfriend

Sugita Kotoko - Kanzo colleague

Kashiwagi Naoya – the man Miwas supposed to marry (arrange marriage)

Plot Summary

A university student was found dead at the bottom of a very high apartment. The cops believe it was suicide. They conclude that she jump off the balcony of her apartment. After the autopsy, only then the cops found out that she was stab before thrown off the balcony. The murderer went back to the apartment to arrange everything to its normal state.

The police suspect her ex-boyfriend did it. Kanzo how ever, was skeptical. “He is not strange,” remark Kanzo. “He doesn’t have the heart to kill anyone.” The other cops was torn apart whether to believe in Kanzo or not. But, they do respect him as a senior cop full of experience. “His instinct is always right,” remark a colleague. The only lead the cops have is a photo of the deceased victim with a few friends. The victim was a film addicted. She has rows of film DVD. Strangely, the DVD was arranged in the same sequel in the photo which was taken years before the murder took place. ‘The murderer is a person that can memorize anything with just one look,” remark Kotoko.

On a big cruise boat, Miwa is having her birthday party. She is turning 25. Yuko is also there helping her. Yuko wear the bracelet given to her by Kanzo. Kanzo has a crush towards Miwa. On the big cruise boat, was the place Miwa fist met Ryo and fallen in love to him. Yuko also have a love-hate relation with Ryo (they share a burn scar, losing of family members and the lonely feeling). Miwa parents wanted her to marry Kashiwagi of high standard (mainly to protect their own standard). But, Kashiwagi is a pervert if I might say so. How ever, Miwa killed Kashiwagi so that she can finally be with Ryo. Miwa didn’t know that Ryo is already fallen towards Yuko. Yuki tried to stab Yuko after finding out about her affair with Ryo but failed. It is then revealed that Yuki was the one who killed the university student out of jealousy. The university student was falling for Ryo.

Ryo was getting closer to Yuko. He decided it is time for him to find out the truth of his broken memories of his past. Slowly, Ryo regains some of his memories. It was revealed that Kanzo was the man that killed Ryo’s father. Ryo’s father was actually a murderer. Kanzo, who was a young inexperience cop at that time, out of nervousness, shoot Ryo’s father. Ryo didn’t tell anything to Yuko while planning for revenge. After more of his memories regained, only then Ryo realized that Yuko is actually his sister. It tears up Ryo as he love Yuko and they had already slept together. (I don't know why they have to throw the incest plot in here).

At the same time, Kashiwagi’s sister, decided to investigate. She then found out everything about Ryo, Yuko and Kanzo and how they are related. Ryo confiscated her gun and before killing her, showed Yuko that he is a heartless man so that Yuko will hate him. The murder was all over the news and a warrant for Ryo’s arrest had been issued. At this time, Yuko is still in the dark of her true relationship with Ryo. Yuko found out from one of Ryo colleagues that he wanted to meet with Kanzo. Yuko goes to the house where Ryo is hiding and end up killing him instead. Then she found the letter inside his pocket that reveals that they were actually siblings. She drags Ryo’s body to the lake and places him in a boat. As they are floating at the middle of the lake, Kanzo finally catches up to them and yelled for her. Then she grasp Ryo’ hand and shoot herself.


University student – killed by Yuki

Ryo’ father – killed by Kanzo

Kashiwagi – killed by Miwa

Kashiwagi’s sister – killed by Ryo

Ryo – killed by Yuko

Yuko – killed herself

Miwa – killed by whom?

Well that is the summary of the drama. There is still one secret that we can pursue. The identity of the person that killed Miwa.

I can accept gay/lesbian, but, INCEST?! Well, cannot blame the character as they don't know the true nature of their relationship. But, the plot about incest nagged me a little bit. Is it just me?!