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Only You Can Hear Me (Japanese Movie 2007)



Narumi Riko as Aihara Ryou

Koide Keisuke as Nozaki Shinya

Katase Nana as Harada

Plot Summary (Can also be found at

The story opens on Ryou in her classroom. Suddenly the phone rings. It is her classmate’s phone. At that moment Ryou think to herself, there is no use of having a phone if no one will call her. After school, on her way home, she hears a phone rings. She picks it up only to find out it is a toy phone that looks like a real phone. She put the toy phone in he drawer.

Some where, a boy picks up a broken phone in an abandoned building. The boy tries to fix the phone.

Next morning she is awaken by a phone rings. She sees the toy phone on her coffee table. Before she manages to reach it, her alarm clock goes off. She turns back only to discover that the toy phone is not on the coffee table. She goes to her drawer and sees that the toy phone is still in there.

In her classroom, she hears phone rings. But no one else hears it. Feeling sick, she went to the school nurse. The school nurse orders her to rest for a while. Suddenly, she hears a phone rings. She sees near the pillow, the toy phone. She picks it up and answers it. A boy is talking at the other end. Ryou is shock. But after sometimes, she tends to enjoy it. But then, the toy phone disappears. Ryou become confuse. The boy says that there are speaking in their mind.

To prove that they are not Schizophrenics, they both went to the magazine corner at the groceries She never read any of them. He chooses a magazine and she picks the page. After he reads from that page, she realizes that she is not crazy. He is real. Because they have the same magazine at each side, then it means that they are from the same year. They are separated by 1 hour.

Ryou is in the school gym when she hears ringing. She answers it (of course mentally). Instead of speaking to Shinya, she is speaking to a girl call Harada. Harada says it have been some time since someone called on the mental cell phone.

At first I thought that Shinya grandmother is deaf and mute. But soon I realize Shinya is the one that is deaf and mute.

Ryou is very timid. She hardly speaks to anyone. It is because of a tragedy that happens when she was small. It was piano recital day. She wore a doll-like dress. Everyone praised her. But after the recital, then only she knew that they make fun of here. She was heartbroken and never speaks louder anymore. But Shinya helps her. Shinya gives her a broken recorder that he has fixed. Shinya wants her to record her voice and send it to him. Ryou regains her self-esteem and manages to speak louder in class.

Finally, Ryou, with the advice from Harada, sums up the courage to meet Shinya. They’ll be meeting at a mall. Ryou arrives at the mall and cross the road. A speeding car was about to hit her, when Shinya out of no where comes and save her. Unfortunately, Shinya is in the car’s way and get hit. Shinya died after hand signaling to Ryou – you aren’t alone.

Then Ryou realizes the one hour differences. She decided to call Shinya mentally and tell him not to meet her. She says that she hate his face and his voice. At that moment Shinya knows that Ryou is lying. He lost his voice as a small boy. Ryou finally tells him that he’ll die. Shinya still save Ryou.

Ryou confide to Harada what have happen. She doesn’t know whether she’ll grow up matured as Harada. Harada says, Ryou will grow up just fine and cut the mental connection. Harada went to the fire place. On top of it is the recorder given to Ryou by Shinya.


If any of you ever watch One Litre of Tears or Honey and Clover, you’ll know that Narumi Riko is the girl who played Little Aya sister.

First half of this film is a little boring because the three main characters are speaking mentally. You cannot see the lips moving, just the emotion they show on their face.

The last half of the film is the best one. It’s like watching Titanic all over again. Why does hero have to die?

I assume that Harada is Ryou.

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